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Learn The Perfect Barbecue Method

From "Low & Slow" to "Hot & Fast,and everything in between...

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Are you suffering from any of the following?

  •  Dry, overcooked or burned meat
  •  Getting perfect thin blue smoke
  •  Getting moist meat (brisket, chicken, etc.)
  •  Ribs don't fall off the bone
  •  Can't maintain heat, fire or smoke
  •  Too many flare ups
  •  Pairing wood with meat
  •  Eating the same rubs/sauces over and over 
  •  Cooking golden brown moist chicken
  • "I have used some of the techniques to up my BBQ game. I have cooked in a few competitions with some luck. But I am still honing my skills and looking for some advice. Your [material] will help. Thank you!"

    Richard B.

    BBQ Competitor

    "The content is just what I was looking for... the information on how to make my own Dry Rubs, Mops and Sauces; which cuts of meat are best for smoking; explanation of USDA rating of meats (i.e. prime, choice, etc.); pantry stocking guide, and so many other useful tips are great and easy to read for experienced and beginner smokers alike.


    Backyard Griller


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