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The secret to big and bold smoked burgers is smoking the burgers first, and then searing them for a few minutes in a cast iron pan in butter. This creates a nice crust and a very rich flavor. Add bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and a few veggies and you have taken a classic burger to the next level. See whole recipe.

Smoked prime rib will have neighbors peeking over your backyard fence, wondering what the tantalizing aroma is. Put them out of their misery and invite them over. This recipe is very versatile. Substitute any of our amazing rubs and skip the marinade for a completely different, but equally delicious flavor. See whole recipe.

Enter your text here...Who doesn’t love a nice, thick, juicy steak? This is great if you’re just getting into using your smoker, but need a basic recipe to build up from. Feel free to add in your favorite rub or marinade to this recipe. Or just eat it as is for a simple, but savory steak. See whole recipe.


Smoking baby back ribs can be a little tricky as they tend to get overcooked quickly, but using your meat thermometer will ensure you wind up with perfect baby back ribs. Se​​e whole recipe.

Spiral sliced ham is made extra special with a Dijon mustard schmear and gingersnap crust. See whole recipe.

Tenderloin is best described as a soft meat. It’s one of the best cuts of pork you can ever try. Once it’s been smoked, and slowly heated up all the flavorings will balance in a perfect melody for your taste buds to enjoy. See whole recipe.

Being able to make your own sausages is very convenient. You know exactly what’s going into the sausage, and can make it to your personal preferences. Feel free to experiment with this recipe, and add to it to suit your own unique tastes. See whole recipe.

This recipe uses Applewood chips to give the pork a smoky flavoring inside and out. Instead of letting the marinade absorb into the meat, it’s injected directly into it. The meat becomes tender and starts falling apart once it’s done smoking. See whole recipe.

These pork chops are tender with just a hint of sweetness. They’ll melt in your mouth as soon as you sink your teeth in them. Dripping with spices blended together in perfect harmony, this will be a welcome addition to any dinner table. See whole recipe.

Getting pork to cook just right can be a bit of a challenge at first. While still excellent, this is an easier way to prepare pork shoulder. There is no hassle, and best of all it retains that tasty aroma to it when it starts to sizzle and cook. See whole recipe.

Looking to prepare some pulled pork for an up and coming barbecue? Smoke the pork shoulder first to give it that extra addition of taste. The pork will come out tender and easier to shred. See whole recipe.


Cooking a chicken over a can of beer creates a delicious steam that helps the chicken cook inside as well as outside. See whole recipe.

Bacon. Chicken. Barbecue sauce. Pepper Jack Cheese. This might be nature’s perfect food. See whole recipe.

Smoking a whole turkey is a long process, but one that yields a very flavorful bird. Brining the turkey and smoking it breast side down keeps the white meat moist and flavorful while the rest of the meat finishes cooking. See whole recipe.

Ah, yes! Everyone knows about America’s obsession with bacon. Feast on these bacon-wrapped chicken breasts as the bacon forms into a rich, crispy coating on the outside. The flavor of the bacon and smoke will soak into the chicken breasts, and this will give that extra flair of flavor to make this a dish to remember.  See whole recipe.

The mix of apple juice and sprite in this marinade provides a sweet, tangy taste into the chicken thighs. The aromatic chicken rub and the sweet, smoky flavor of the chicken sauce also adds an appetizing taste to this whole dish. See whole recipe.

For those who love the heat, this smoked chicken recipe is for you. This well-marinated chicken and a mix of great aromatics such as thyme, dried oregano, cloves, cayenne pepper, and paprika will surely make your whole chicken “deviled up” with spicy, savory goodness. Serve this dish in any special occasion as a main course and prepare to leave your guests thrilled. See whole recipe.

There’ nothing like an appealing, scrumptious Turkey dish to dress up your dinner table during Thanksgiving. Dazzle your guests this year with a magnificent centerpiece  This smoked turkey has a rich, hearty flavor, and is easy to prepare. See whole recipe.

The tastiest parts of a chicken are chicken legs. Make them even more tasty and mouth-watering with this recipe. Add in some awesome spices such as dried thyme, cayenne pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder for an aromatic, savory smoked chicken drumsticks. See whole recipe.


People don’t generally associate lobster with anything other than boiling. But consider this, when you boil lobster, where does the flavor go? See whole recipe.

A sweet and spicy raspberry sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the flavor of cedar. See whole recipe.

This smoked tuna will melt in your mouth after you sink your teeth into it. The meat is very soft, and sure to please even the pickiest of palates. Eat these alongside some steamed vegetables for an excellent meal. See whole recipe.

Crab legs are soft, tender, and a delicacy. Once they’ve been smoked they taste even more amazing. You just need a few simple ingredients to have the best smoked crab legs anyone has ever tasted.  When these crab legs are done the meat will come out white and juicy! See whole recipe.

Clams are very convenient to eat. They come in their own little packages, and most of the time you don’t have to do much to prepare them. All you need is some garlic, butter, and beer to make a feast of these little guys. Little puffs of steam will be rolling off of them once they pop open, and are ready to eat. See whole recipe.

After a day of fishing you may have a few extra catfish lying around. Why not toss them in the smoker? All you need is some salt, cold water, black pepper, and you’re good to go for serving these up for lunch or dinner. See whole recipe.

Still craving scallops? Wrap them up in some bacon, and listen to them sizzle in the smoker! The juices of these two will meld perfectly to create a dish that’s sure to amaze. See whole recipe.


This recipe can easily be made with a boxed brownie mix, we just thought we’d give you the real deal. See whole recipe.

Rubs & Sauces

Named for the phrase ”right on the money”, the addition of lemon pepper to this rub gives it a zesty zip, perfect for chicken or seafood. See whole recipe.

Kansas City style barbecue is known for sweet rubs and sweet, tomato-based sauces without a lot of heat. This recipe makes a lot of rub for easy access to delicious barbecue a or for months to come. See whole recipe.

The addition of celery seed gives this rub a floral background perfect for chicken and fish. See whole recipe.

The idea behind this versatile rub is really just the proportions. 4 parts salt, 3 parts sugar, 2 parts paprika, and 1 part of one or several spices. See whole recipe.

This sauce can be used for any recipe requiring a mop or basting sauce. See whole recipe.

St. Louis barbecue sauce is a thinner, tangier version of its Kansas City cousin. See whole recipe.

There isn’t an actual mama behind this recipe, but you can imagine it, right? See whole recipe.

This rub is ideal for steak of any kind. The beef bouillon enhances the steak flavor while the aromatics send the flavor to a whole new level. See whole recipe.

Harissa paste is a spicy chile paste. If you cannot find it you can substitute sriracha or sambal. ​See whole recipe.

In Latin America, “carne asada” literally means “grilled meat”. While the flavors in the rubs and marinades for carne asada vary, this zippy rub adds a Latin flare with very few ingredients. This is a wet rub and should be made no more than a day in advance. ​See whole recipe.

This herby, garlicky wet rub is perfect for beef, lamb, and chicken. See whole recipe.

This rub will remind you of oceanside afternoons in Greece. This is perfect as a dry rub on chicken, fish or lamb or can be made as a wet rub with fresh herbs, fresh garlic, and 1⁄4 cup extra-virgin olive oil. ​See whole recipe.

While there are delicious grill seasonings on the market, they are so easy to make and customize to your taste, why not make it yourself? See whole recipe.

Cajun doesn’t always mean super spicy. Although this rub has a fair amount of heat, the herbs serve to bring a little something extra to the party. See whole recipe.

This sweet and smoky rub is exactly what you imagine a Kansas City style rub to be. See whole recipe.


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